Life’s a changin’

If you know me even a little bit you know I’ve always got something going on. Rarely do I sit still or have a whole lot of down time. I am trying to change that, little by little. It’s not easy but I’m working on it. If nothing else the need for down time has entered my radar!


Body is a Temple

If you’ve known me awhile or been reading this blog for a bit you will know that I have made several declarations and set many an intention about weight loss.  Truth is I have been over weight my whole life.  Deep Deep Truth is:  I am a food addict.

Well I am working on it.  The first step is acknowledging I have an issue.  The second one is believing my HP can help me, and the 3rd is requesting my HPs help….Im on that path now.

Here are a few images that struck me today!


Only for today, I can follow thru with my intentions!


Art Crawl

Tonight is the art crawl here in Evansville, Wi!  I am looking forward to it a wonderful friend of mine, Janus, will be displaying his paintings in my office!

It got me to thinking of what an amazing blend my life is, between running my own business, and needing to wear my business/analytical/owner “hat” and getting my hands dirty in my garden, or knitting in my comfy chair, or singing in the shower.  Its a wonderful way to live, and something that I am very grateful for!

Today, I leave you with this wonderful art quote!


Spring = Hope

How ever you want to say it, “This too shall pass”, “We are only given what we can handle” or “What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger”…it all boils down to a spiritual principle for me:

There is a “winter” in everything, hope lies in spring!




no mistakes

This was a good reminder to me today.  I have been dealing with some ups and downs as of late, and I have been struggling with perspective.  But I know when I dig deep that the Mother/Father/God does not give me anything I can not handle.

I am trying to switch from the rundown negative attitude to a more positive one.  I will check back in with you all shortly!

Peace, Love and Understanding!

An inward glance

“The first requirement is that we be convinced that any life run on self-will can hardly be a success.  On that basis we are almost always in collision with something or somebody, even though our motives are good.”  AA Big Book Chapter 5 – “How it works”

Its in returning to my center.  Trying to regain a focus on who I am, who I want to be, and how I want to get there that I realized I truly have to turn my will over each and every day.  This is not an easy task for me.  I am an A1 tested and true control freak.  But trusting that my HP has a larger plan for me, my life’s purpose, I can’t drive that train.  I don’t have the map, only my HP does.

I have been running non-stop for the better part of my life, and its hard, damn hard, to slow down, but I am trying.  The cosmos and my HP are both screaming at me, that I need to turn inward, focus on me, and regroup.

In an effort to do so, I have limited my appointments at work, which means some clients are not getting the appointments that they want.  Which means some are going else where.  But one of my favorite life principals is to apply my O2 mask first, I haven’t been following that motto as of late, and I got hurt last week.  I know that many people have been telling me to slow down, to focus on me, and to insure I am not giving away too much, but for many reasons I have been driven forward and onward, to only my detriment.  So as far as clients are concerned, I am trusting that my HP will bring me long lasting clients that understand there is only one of me, and I can only see a certain number of clients in one day.  Its all about quality not quantity.

O2 Mask

When I came across the above quote in the AA big book today, I felt as though it was yet again another sign, that I am hearing the message.  I am on the right path and I need to continue to worry about myself and my own health first!

Peace Peeps!